Name: Caleb, Son of Jephunneth
Vital statistics
Meaning Bold, Imptuous, Loyal
Date around 1650 -1600 BC
Appearance Num. 13:6, 30; 14:6, 24, 30, 38; 26: 65; 32: 12; 34: 19

Deut. 1: 36 Josh. 14: 6, 13, 14; 15: 13, 14, 16-18; 21: 12 Judg. 1: 12-15, 20


In the land of the giants!

Caleb son of Jephunneth; that is how more often he is reefer to in the Bible, however, he is best known for going with Joshua as one of the 12 spies into the land of Canaan, and giving a favorable report about it. He encourages the people of Israel to go in; thou there ware giants in the land, God would go with them. For this he was almost stone by the people, but God promised Caleb that he would inherit in the land when the Israelites finally got into it, because there was a different heart in him

Some forty years later, the awaited time came to be. Joshua drove an entire new nation into the Promised Land. After some conquering mass campaigns, the repartition of the land begun. Joshua divided the entire land, and gave portions of it to every tribe, as Moses, many years before had left instructions to. It was an exciting moment, but clashes ware far from over. The Israelites as a whole ware in, but each tribe had to fight for their own portion of land, as they removed the people that ware inhabiting those places, and that were an abomination to the Lord God.

It was then, that an 85 years old man, approached Joshua with a demand. He required to be awarded the land that had been allotted to him about forty years earlier by Moses. Yes! That fellow was “Caleb”. Do not let his age full you; he was not your every day grandpa’. He asked for the mountain side of Hebron, and Joshua granted it to him and his descendants.

He moved in with some of the men of Judah, they fought fearless for the mountain, and ware able to displace the sons of Anak (also known as the chief of the giants); after defeating all three of them, he moved toward the city of Debir.

Caleb offered to give his daughter Acsah in marriage to the worthy man who would go and conquer the city. A son of Kenaz, Caleb’s brother, took the challenge, so Caleb gave him his daughter. And that is how Caleb, a man who trusted in God since his youth, even in his old age, was able to go in to the land of the giants . . . and conquer!